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Our Story

In 1977, Brian Quinn and his team of expert joiners began crafting traditional joinery products by hand.

Almost 50 years later, much has changed but we remain just as committed to the principles of craftsmanship, quality and service that Brian established.
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Company Timeline

Woodmarque started on family farm by Brian Quinn
Moved premises to new 2,500sqft workshop
Commercial and fire door projects commenced
New 50,000sqft factory plus Darrel & Louise joined business
Install Biomass plant for sustainable resource of fuel
1st project completed in London, UK
Awarded major project with leading house builder
50,000sqft factory extension with machinery investment
Launch of Woodmarque Training Academy
Planning permission granted for 100,000sqft development
Company Values

Our values are at the core of everything we do.

Leadership is about putting our customer first every time. It means being progressive, courageous and agile in our thinking and approach. With an optimistic vision of the future, we’re always looking for new ways to improve our customer experience.
Every day, clients rely on us to produce consistent quality. We have high standards, yes, but we have high energy, and high expectations too. We’re a pro-active team who’ll stop at nothing to deliver for our clients and our co-workers.
Woodmarque overcomes difficult challenges that others fail to solve. By leveraging our talented team, applying our depth of experience and acting on market knowledge, we deliver timely solutions to every client.
We push the boundaries of manufacturing to create exceptional products. This pursuit of excellence drives us to improve – in design, functionality and quality – helping to create spaces that inspire.
Our People

We have a reliable team of experienced directors and staff who have the vision, skills, and knowledge to lead the way.

Brian Quinn
Louise Colton
Core Services Director
Darrel Quinn
Operations Director
Ronan Quinn
Managing Director

The heart, soul and future of Woodmarque lies in the passion and skill of our people.

With over 80 employees, some of whom have been with us from the start, we understand how an unrelenting commitment to inclusion, safety and teamwork builds a healthier workplace and a stronger community.
Corporate Social Responsibility

Our approach to CSR is aligned to how we live our core values, consistently looking at ways to improve how we care for our workforce, manage our business and engage with our communities.

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