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With a collaborative spirit, we work with you to plan, make and deliver for your construction project.

Enjoy a results-orientated approach to meticulous planning that keeps you ahead of potential roadblocks and delivers an exceptional customer experience.
Advanced Lead Times
We prioritise efficient operations and quality outcomes to provide a seamless customer experience. Our advanced lead times allow for improved planning and flexibility as well as optimal cost control and exceptional customer service.
People & Skills
The heart, soul and future of Woodmarque lies in the passion and skill of our people. We have a remarkable team of experienced directors and employees armed with the vision, skills and knowledge to consistently lead the way

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SqFt Factory
Full-Time Staf
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Leading The Way

We’ve grown steadily since our founder, Brian Quinn, began Woodmarque nearly 50 years ago, but that vision for crafting excellence and going above and beyond is ingrained in our core values today. Our name remains a byword for quality. Our clients have high expectations and we have equally high standards – whether it’s in our meticulous attention to detail, responsive customer service or our desire to create a sustainable built environment – Woodmarque continues to lead the way.
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