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Woodmarque launch Industry Led Academy

Woodmarque launch Industry Led Academy

At Woodmarque, we’ve always invested in our people,processes and technology. Our established, successful and still growing business has been founded on a tradition of quality craftsmanship that embraces the latest technology to produce the highest quality products. We’ve also always drawn on a strong tradition of apprenticeship to grow our skills, knowledge and expertise.

Our Academy is our investment in the future and demonstrates our commitment to growing exceptional talent and supporting worthwhile, rewarding careers. Along the way, we’re also addressing the issues associated with traditional apprenticeships where hands-on work experience and learning can be disjointed.

In just 2 years, students can achieve advanced qualifications in Wood Machining and Digital Design manufacture and the skills essential for future employment.

By giving our apprentices full-time, on site learning, we provide a seamless experience that enables better progress and creates well-rounded craftspeople who are capable of building a world-class career.

Inspiring future generations with industry led education.

For more information about the Woodmarque Academy call +44 (0)28 8772 4807